Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Butte College Horticultural Club - Seedlings and Plants

From Jim Hart, who also lost his place in the fire. He is in the horticulture club at Butte College and they are looking for donations and materials to grow seedlings for planting in spring 2009. Some plants are available now from the Horticulture Club.

I am in the horticulture club at Butte College and with the generous help of a local nursery, we have started a program to help replant Concow. So far we have propagated Coffeeberry cuttings and seedlings and next week we are going to start Cedar trees. We are going to try and have as many plants and trees as possible to give to fire victims by spring 2009. If all goes well and I can drum up funds and donations for supplies, it will be on an ongoing basis. If you find any nursery supplies (i.e. coffee cans, pots, soil, fertilizers, tools, etc) or people that would like to help plant when the time comes.

Butte College Horticulture Dept. has many plants, redwoods, conifers (pines) for very very cheap (almost cheaper than someone would pay for the pot that it is planted in). Someone is always there Mon-Fri 8-5.

We are growing coffeeberry plants, they're a good native, fire and deer deterrant and privacy bush. They shoould be ready by spring. Next week we are going to start some cedar trees. We are doing this at Spring Fever Nursery on Wendy Way near Lunt road and hwy 70. The owners name is Dave Warther and his nursery is open by appointment. His number is 534-1556. If anyone makes an appt. they are more than welcome to see what we have going in the green houses as well as have the opportunity to see or purchase hardy exotic plants that grow here. (mine are still alive and that is saying alot).

Butte College has 6-8 ft Jeffery Pines & Redwoods That are very cheapThere are many other conifers as well. There are many many landscape, and house plants. There is someone glad to help anyone from Concow, Mon-Fri 8:00-5:00, ask for Heather or Tip. If you mention that I sent you and that you were in the fire, they may give you a good discount. (it depends on how mad I make them that day or if my homework is late).

Jim Hart

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