Saturday, January 24, 2009

from half a year later

Six months on, our world looks and feels very different. 
Some are living on their land. It's barren, but no longer does the ash tear your throat, nor eat through your clothes.  Nature is beginning to replenish. It's raining today...our third rain since the fires. It's soft and steady...a benediction.
the snap-shots:
directly above: my first trip to my home post-fire 6 days
above it: 3 weeks after the fire, the bracken ferns push up from charred earth
middle image: august. these little sprouts from the root crown appear to be the 3rd incarnation of this live oak
2nd from top: september. our beloved mother mountain in the background: Wild Mountain
top: October. the earth is still black, but there is green and PINK too

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